Published Sep. 9, 2021

We all had that favorite grandparent growing up if we were lucky. The one that would slip us a $5 bill or tell dirty jokes at the dinner table. It turns out, we all have our favorite grandparents on TV and in film, too. 

In honor of Grandparents Day on September 12, we used Google Trends data to determine each state’s favorite television or film grandparent. 

The grandparents that made the list included characters from the modern era (Jay Pritchett of Modern Family) and the golden era (Sophia Petrillo of Golden Girls). They were animated (Grandpa Simpson) and costumed (Grandpa Munster). They were witches (Endora from Bewitched) and, well, witches (Violet Crawley of Downton Abbey).

But they all had one thing in common: Viewers love them. 

The map below shows the TV or film grandparent that generated the most online searches in each state between September of 2020 and September of 2021.

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Graphic map showing the most popular grandparents from tv and film in each state

Top TV/Film Grandparent in Each State
State Grandparent TV or Movie
Alabama Violet Crawley Downton Abbey
Alaska Old Rose Calvert Titanic
Arizona Grandpa Simpson The Simpsons
Arkansas Old Rose Calvert Titanic
California Old Rose Calvert Titanic
Colorado Violet Crawley Downton Abbey
Connecticut Grandpa Simpson The Simpsons
Delaware Violet Crawley Downton Abbey
Florida Old Rose Calvert Titanic
Georgia Old Rose Calvert Titanic
Hawaii Old Rose Calvert Titanic
Idaho Old Rose Calvert Titanic
Illinois Emily Gilmore Gilmore Girls
Indiana Old Rose Calvert Titanic
Iowa Violet Crawley Downton Abbey
Kansas Grandpa Simpson The Simpsons
Kentucky Old Rose Calvert Titanic
Louisiana Old Rose Calvert Titanic
Maine Emily Gilmore Gilmore Girls
Maryland Violet Crawley Downton Abbey
Massachusetts Old Rose Calvert Titanic
Michigan Old Rose Calvert Titanic
Minnesota Grandpa Joe Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Willy Wonka)
Mississippi Madea Madea film series
Missouri Marie Barone Everybody Loves Raymond
Montana Richard Gilmore Gilmore Girls
Nebraska Richard Gilmore Gilmore Girls
Nevada Old Rose Calvert Titanic
New Hampshire Old Rose Calvert Titanic
New Jersey Old Rose Calvert Titanic
New Mexico Richard Gilmore Gilmore Girls
New York Jay Pritchett Modern Family
North Carolina Old Rose Calvert Titanic
North Dakota Old Rose Calvert Titanic
Ohio Sophia Petrillo Golden Girls
Oklahoma Grandpa Simpson The Simpsons
Oregon Endora Bewitched
Pennsylvania Old Rose Calvert Titanic
Rhode Island Marie Barone Everybody Loves Raymond
South Carolina Violet Crawley Downton Abbey
South Dakota Madea Madea film series
Tennessee Violet Crawley Downton Abbey
Texas Old Rose Calvert Titanic
Utah Old Rose Calvert Titanic
Vermont Madea Madea film series
Virginia Violet Crawley Downton Abbey
Washington Jay Pritchett Modern Family
West Virginia Emily Gilmore Gilmore Girls
Wisconsin Endora Bewitched
Wyoming Old Rose Calvert Titanic

Rose Dawson Calvert, who was played by Gloria Stuart in the 1997 movie Titanic, was the runaway winner as the top search in 21 states. Calvert’s popularity extended from Hawaii and Alaska to Florida and New Hampshire. 

Violet Crawley, the Dowager Countess played by Maggie Smith, scored the next highest number of searches and was the most popular TV grandmother in seven states.

Which State Loves Each TV/Film Grandparent the Most?

Some TV and film grandparents were the most popular in several states, but which states showed the most love for each classic grandparent? 

The table below shows which state performed the most searches for each grandparent.

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Graphic table showing the state that searched each TV or film grandparent the most

Titanic’s Rose Calvert was the most-searched grandparent in 21 different states, but none more so than in Michigan, where the character garnered a Google Trends search interest score of 100 out of 100 during the study period.

Interestingly, none of the states with the highest search activity for any given grandparent were the states where those respective shows or films took place. Golden Girls took place in Miami but the state with the most searches for “Sophia Petrillo” came from Ohio. Gilmore Girls is set in Connecticut but both Emily Gilmore (West Virginia) and Richard Gilmore (Montana) turned up more search volume elsewhere. Ditto for Endora, whose Bewitched also took place in Connecticut but whose search volume was also higher somewhere else (Wisconsin).

Of course, Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory could’ve been in Minnesota, and there really is a Mockingbird Lane, the fictitious street of The Munsters’ home, in Missouri. 

The setting of The Simpsons was one of the greatest mysteries of the 20th century until the show’s creator finally spilled the beans in 2012. Hint: It isn’t Arizona, which is one of just 16 states without a Springfield but performed more searches for “Grandpa Simpson” than any other state. 

Also notable is that none of the highest-performing searches for any grandparent originated in the state in which the actor or actress was born. Jay Pritchett of Modern Family is played by Ed O’Neill, who was born in Ohio. But Ohio’s most-searched TV grandparent was Sophia from Golden Girls, who was portrayed by New York’s Estelle Getty. 

Kelly Bishop, who plays Emily Gilmore on Gilmore Girls, hails from Colorado. But Colorado performed more searches for Violet Crawley, who was played by the U.K.’s Maggie Smith. And Marie Barone, portrayed by the late Doris Roberts on Everybody Loves Raymond, was born in Missouri but was searched for most often in Rhode Island. Missouri was more curious about Grandpa Munster, played by New York’s Al Lewis. 

Not even Grandpa Simpson’s voice actor, Dan Castellaneta, who hails from Illinois, was the most popular in his home state. 


We compiled a list of beloved grandparents from TV and film by using IMDB to identify some of the most classic fictional grandparents from the small screen and big screen alike. Using this list, we used Google Trends data to identify the top-ranking results in each state, in terms of total search volume in the study time period

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