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At, we give our readers the information they need to age healthy and happy. We are also dedicated to exploring public health issues and the senior experience in America. 

To support these aspects of our editorial mission, we produce various health resource guides and perform data studies throughout the year.

  • Our research studies share the results of our independent data analysis projects and national public surveys that explore a variety of American health and social issues. Topics include everything from senior dating to the role age plays in national politics. 

  • Our resource guides provide helpful information and assistance for a range of topics such as prescription drug costs, alcohol abuse, fall prevention, veterans needs, senior hunger and more.

Research Studies

Many Seniors Don't Comparison Shop for Medicare Insurance

We surveyed 891 Medicare beneficiaries and found many fail to compare their Medicare plan options, which can result in avoidable high costs.

Medicare Shopper Survey


Most Medicare Beneficiaries Don't Understand Their Coverage

Our report finds a majority of Medicare beneficiaries don't understand their benefits and costs, which can lead to potentially high expenses and poor health decisions.

Medicare Literacy Survey


Medicare Beneficiaries Support Expanded Public Insurance

We surveyed 1,000 Medicare beneficiaries and found they largely support extending Medicare eligibility to age 60, and many support Medicare for All.

Expanding Medicare Benefits Survey


The Most Popular Coronavirus Conspiracy Theory in Each State

We found the most popular COVID-19 conspiracy theory in each state. Find out which state is home to the most "coronavirus truthers."

COVID Conspiracy Theories


Facts vs. Myths About Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We surveyed over 700 U.S. adults to see how well the understand coronavirus (COVID-19) facts vs. myths. Find out the most dangerous myth people still believe.

Coronavirus COVID-19 Fact vs. Myth Survey


Are Americans as Healthy as They Believe?

90% of people describe their health in positive terms, despite low levels of exercise and poor diets. Our study explores these and other stark health misperceptions.

Health Perceptions Survey


The Trump Trigger Effect - A Study of How Political Bias Affects Physical and Mental Health

Our study explores the ways that mentioning President Trump's name affects people's attitudes about their mental and physical health.

Trump Trigger Effect Study


Healthy Habits - Exploring People's Health and Eating Habits on Different Diets

We asked more than 1,000 individuals currently following a diet plan to describe their experience so we could find out which diets might be having a lasting impact.

Healthy Habits and Diet Survey


Preferred Fictional Physicians - Exploring People's Preferences and Perceptions of TV Doctors

To find out just how much of an impact fake TV doctors are having on real patients, we surveyed over 800 people for their opinions on characters like Meredith Grey, Derek Shepherd, and Shaun Murphy. Learn how many people actually trust TV doctors more than their own physicians.

Fictional Physicians Survey


Survey: Florida Voters Say Both Trump and Biden are “Too Old” to Serve as President

We surveyed over 400 Florida residents to learn about voter attitudes on age in politics, including the 2020 presidential election and in congress.

Age in Politics Study


How Seniors and Millennials Date

29% of older adults used a dating app to meet someone in the past year. A new study examines this and other dating trends for millennials and seniors.

Senior Dating Survey


Putting off Health Recommendations - Exploring Americans' Frequency of Doctor Visits

We surveyed over 1,000 people about the frequency with which they visit their primary care physicians and specialists and their reasons for avoiding doctor visits entirely.

Health Recommendations Survey


The Lies Patients and Doctors Tell

47 percent of patients admit to lying to their doctor. A new study reveals the types of lies people tell, how often they lie and how it affects their care.

Patient Doctor Lies Survey


Coronavirus Fears - Millennial vs. Boomers

We surveyed over 500 Millennials and Baby Boomers to learn what scares them most about the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Find out which group reported higher anxiety, and why.​​

Generational Coronavirus Survey​


​Coronavirus and Summer Activities​​

We surveyed over 1,000 Americans to learn how COVID-19 is changing their summer plans, their main fears about public activities and the differences between Republican and Democrat attitudes.

Coronavirus COVID-19 Summer Activities Study


Health Risks and the Super Bowl

Our study explores at-home injuries and cardiac deaths football fans suffer during Super Bowl weekend, and we rank the most dangerous Super Bowl teams of the past 20 years.

Super Bowl Fan Health Study


Seniors and Family Communication

We surveyed older adults to learn how often and what technology they use to communicate with their kids and grandkids. You may be surprised by their favorite technology tool.

Senior Family Communication Study


Obesity Trends by County

Our study ranks all U.S. counties based on their 10-year trends in obesity rates. Find out which counties are growing healthier, and which ones are becoming more obese.

County Obesity 10 Year Trends​

Resource Guides

Resources for Veterans and Their Families

Explore this list of national and local state resources for Veterans to find assistance for things like mental health counseling, federal military benefits, higher education, financial management and more.

Veterans Resource Guide


A Guide to Downsizing for Seniors

Use this guide to learn how to cope with sadness, anxiety and grief as you downsize.

Senior Downsizing Guide


When and How to Enroll in Medicare

This guide explains Medicare sign up periods such as the Medicare Open Enrollment Period as well as local resources you can explore for answers to Medicare coverage questions.

Medicare Enrollment Guide


Finding Help for Health Care Costs

Use this informative guide to find both national and local state resources that can help you with rising health care costs. Find information on Medicare, Medicaid, housing assistance and more.

Health Care Cost Assistance Resource Guide


Senior Isolation: America’s Quietest Health Risk

This guide can help you identify the signs and symptoms of senior isolation and offers a number of local resources for seniors to become more socially connected.

Senior Isolation Resource Guide


10 Benefits of Yoga for Older Adults

There are many benefits to practicing yoga, and several that can be especially beneficial to older adults. Learn about 10 ways yoga can help seniors, and find out how a Medicare Advantage plan can help.

Yoga for Older Adults


Complete Guide to Elder Financial Abuse

Elder financial abuse affects millions of seniors every year and accounts for billions of dollars worth of fraud. Learn how and why it happens, the types of scammers who commit financial abuse and what seniors can do to protect themselves.

Financial Abuse Resource Guide


Latino Health Resource Guide (Available in Spanish and English)

Use this informative guide to explore a wide range of state and national resources for many of the biggest health care risks faced by the Hispanic community, and download our helpful Spanish language translation glossary of important health care and insurance terms.

Guide to Latino Health


Senior Hunger in America

Nearly one in six seniors in America (8 million people) face the threat of hunger or malnourishment. Learn more about the danger of senior hunger and resources that help combat the issue.

Senior Hunger Resource Guide


Senior Guide to Pets

Seniors who own a pet can experience tremendous physical and emotional health benefits. This 2020 resource guide includes over 300 national and state resources that can help you get started adopting a pet.

Senior Pet Resource Guide


Complete Guide to the Flu Vaccine

Up to 61,000 Americans died from the flu in 2018-2019. Find flu vaccine and pneumonia prevention resources in your state to help protect yourself from influenza this year.​​

Flu Vaccine Guide for Seniors


Recognizing Dehydration Symptoms in Seniors: 7 Tips for Prevention​​

People of all ages are at risk for dehydration, but older adults should take extra precaution. Learn the symptoms of dehydration and follow these seven tips to help prevent it. 

Preventing Dehydration for Seniors


Senior Prescription Drug Assistance Guide

There are a number of prescription drug assistance programs that can help patients save on the rising cost of prescription drugs. Learn about eligibility.

Drug Assistance Programs Guide


National Programs for Diabetes Education, Management and Financial Help

Explore this list of national resources for diabetes education, prevention, management, treatment and financial assistance.

Diabetes Resource Guide


7 Medicare Facts Every Veteran Should Know

Many veterans may be unsure about how Medicare works with their VA benefits. Here are seven things every veteran should know about Medicare.

Medicare Resource Guide for Veterans


Fall Prevention Resources

Explore this list of national resources for fall prevention, including exercise classes, home modifications and other health tips.

Senior Guide to Fall Prevention


Alcohol Abuse & Seniors

Learn more about the alcohol abuse problems facing seniors, find out what causes these problems and explore our list of local and national resources to get help finding treatment.

Senior Alcohol Abuse Guide


Coronavirus Resource Guide for Seniors

The COVID-19 coronavirus is affecting people all over the globe, and seniors are at the greatest risk for infection and even death. Seniors can use this resource guide to learn about coronavirus testing and how to stay safe during the outbreak.

2020 Guide to Coronavirus for Seniors


Glaucoma Resource Guide 2020

Explore this list of local and national glaucoma resources. You can also explore support services for people with vision problems through research, assistive technology, financial assistance and more.

Glaucoma Guide