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How to Check Your Medicare Enrollment Status

With so many different types of Medicare plans available, you could easily lose track of which plan (or plans) you have. So how do you quickly find out what type of Medicare plan you have? This...
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Do I Need Medicare Part B? Answers From Medicare Expert Charles MacKay

Original Medicare has two parts: Part A covers inpatient hospital costs, and Part B covers outpatient medical care, preventive care, durable medical equipment and more. Medicare Part B is o...
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When Can I Enroll in Medicare? Answers From Medicare Expert Charles MacKay

You might think that “When can I sign up for Medicare?” would be a simple question. Many people may think that you can sign up for Medicare as soon as you are age 65. Alas, that’s not always the c...
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Medicare Part A vs. Medicare Part B

Medicare Part A and Part B are the two parts that make up “ Original Medicare .” Let’s take a look at Medicare Part A vs. Part B to see how they differ in terms of coverage, cost, eligibility an...
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Need a Lyft? If You Have Certain Medicare Advantage Plans, Hop In

The popular ridesharing company is expanding its partnership with health insurance companies to provide non-emergency medical transportation to Medicare Advantage members. The popular ri...
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How to Choose a Medicare Plan: Answers From Medicare Expert Charles MacKay

If you are eligible for Medicare (or soon will be), it means that many of your hospital-related costs and 80% of the cost for many of your doctor bills (assuming you signed up for Medicare Part B)...
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Medicare & Medicaid: What They Are & How They Can Work Together

Medicaid helps pay for health care services for people who have limited financial resources. Medicare is a federally-run health insurance program for Americans age 65 and older and some youn...
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A Guide to Downsizing for Seniors

Downsizing can be an appealing opportunity, especially if you're a senior who no longer wishes to tend a large garden or clean a large house. For many seniors, however, downsizing can create con...
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An Easy How-to Guide to Using is an online portal where Medicare beneficiaries can manage their personal information and find answers to questions related to their personal Medicare coverage. Here is an over...
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Are Obamacare and Medicare the Same Thing?

The Affordable Care Act ( ACA , also commonly called Obamacare ) and Medicare are two very different concepts. The ACA is a sweeping series of laws that regulate the US health insurance ind...
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