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Here at, we care about our customers. We have helped over 11 million people compare their Medicare coverage options.1 

Our licensed insurance agents take the time to get to know your health care needs, from the prescription drugs you take to your preferred physician and everything in between. Understanding your Medicare options can be complicated. We combine a deep knowledge of Medicare, dedication to helping our customers and speedy process resolution to give you the best customer experience you can find when shopping for Medicare Advantage plans.

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Here are just a few of the testimonials we've received from our satisfied customers:

I talked to three separate brokers and finally got my answers through Janet. Simple, quick and specific to my situation. Highly recommend Janet, and her colleagues. She not only answered my questions, but signed me up online. No later than 12 hours I have received my enrollment packet and feel assured of my decision.

Robert Pedersen

Mr. Graf -

I want to compliment one of your staff members who went "way beyond the norm" to help us. My wife & I emigrated here some 5 years ago and only recently became eligible for Medicare.   We had no understanding of what appears to us to be a complex subject. I had tried to research the topic without too much success. I fortunately ended up talking to Ms. Jackie Gasparini who was able to explain all the complexities and was invaluable in assisting me reaching a decision.   She was very patient with us as she led us through the telephonic enrollment and left us feeling that we were lucky to talk to someone so helpful.   She is a definite asset to you & your organization and we believe that she will go far with you.

Kind regards


Recently, my husband and I needed to switch insurance companies due to a change in employment.  I expected this process to be rigorous, onerous, and a real pain.  It was quite the opposite.  Our Aetna agent, John Stevens, could not have been more thorough, helpful, and patient.  He called back, followed up, and cared about what we needed.  John referred us to TZ Insurance to process our Aetna account and where we had the pleasure of working with Katherine (Cate), Meghan, and Yolanda -- all of whom exhibited the same professional attributes as John, and even followed up by calling me when there was a snag in time or information.

Jane Hruska

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